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TOUGH Beginner’s Course

October 1, 2018 - October 3, 2018

TOUGH Beginner’s Short Course for Scientists and Engineers

TOUGH Beginner’s Short Course will be held at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California.  Note that space is limited and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration Cost: General Attendee $1,250; Student $600



  • Information provided below is meant to give you a sense of what to expect during this course (but is subject to change).
  • This course is tentatively scheduled for October 1-3, 2018.
  • Space is limited and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.


This course will provide an introduction to TOUGH, a simulation program for non-isothermal, multiphase flow of multicomponent fluids. The focus will be on enabling users to prepare input data for setting up and solving flow problems. Some of the sample problems presented in the TOUGH user’s guide will be used, emphasizing their role as prototypes and templates for creating new applications. A survey on the interested physical processes or applications will be sent out and hands-on examples might be adjusted based on participants’ interests.


The TOUGH family of codes is used for simulating multiphase fluid and heat flow and transport in porous and fractured media. The suite of TOUGH simulators has been applied to a wide range of studies involving the geological disposal of nuclear waste, geological CO2 sequestration, geothermal energy development, oil and gas production, environmental remediation and unsaturated zone hydrology. While ongoing development of TOUGH continues to expand modeling capabilities and incorporate increasingly complex processes, such as those associated with reactive chemistry (TOUGHREACT) and gas-hydrate dissociation (TOUGH+Hydrate), knowledge of the basic TOUGH modeling concepts serves as an important foundation. The goals of the TOUGH part of the training course are to (1) review fundamentals of multiphase fluid and heat flow, (2) present the design and input/output features of TOUGH, and (3) provide hands-on training for application of TOUGH to a variety of flow problems.

Material Covered

  • Introduction to the TOUGH family of codes and applications
  • Underlying physics, numerical approaches, and program structure
  • Explanation of input and output files
  • Hands-on development of TOUGH models, including grid generation, specification of boundary conditions, initialization, and the use of program options
  • The most common equation-of-state (EOS) modules will be discussed for a variety of applications and levels of complexity (ranging from isothermal problems with a single component and phase, to non-isothermal problems with multiple components and phases)


  • Knowledge of the physics of fluid and heat flow and transport in porous and fractured media
  • Basic understanding of numerical methods for solving partial differential equations
  • Familiarity with basic text editors in the PC environment (Notepad or WordPad) and with the DOS Command Prompt (the course will be conducted on PC computers)

Material to be Distributed during the Course

Course attendees will be provided with the necessary course materials, including handouts of presentations and a User’s Manual. Participants are required to bring their own laptop; needed simulation software and input files will be provided.  Note that a separate TOUGH software license is required if TOUGH will be used after the training course at the participants’ home institution. Such a license can be obtained from the Berkeley Lab Software Center.


More information about this course can be found HERE.


October 1, 2018
October 3, 2018