40th Anniversary

1977-2017: Four Decades of Scientific Discovery in Earth and Environmental Sciences at Berkeley Lab

In Celebration of Forty Years…

EESA logo 40th anniversary
Forty years after its creation, Berkeley Lab’s Earth Sciences Division has evolved into the Earth and Environmental Sciences Area, a mature research group of ~500 experts, which melds together multidisciplinary approaches to confront and solve urgent and complex Earth science challenges. EESA scientists strive to develop the scientific underpinnings and technological innovations important for sustaining healthy soils and clean water, sequestering atmospheric carbon, using subsurface resources responsibly, and developing strategies for resilience in a changing world.

EESA’s research excellence depends on people who bring with them a diverse set of backgrounds and life experiences. We are fortunate to build on the significant achievements of our alumni and to welcome engagement of a new and creative generation of researchers who are transforming our understanding of Earth systems, and translating that understanding into a new class of environmental and subsurface energy solutions.

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Cover of EESA Strategic Vision 2025, issued March 2017

“Scientific research is paving the way for long-term solutions to our interconnected energy and environmental challenges.”
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