Strategic Vision 2025

EESA Strategic Vision 2025 Cover Art Strategic Vision 2025 label


A future where society can make informed decisions about the sustainable use of our planet’s resources based on advanced scientific knowledge of the integrated Earth system.


Advance and integrate diverse expertise to accelerate scientific discoveries and their translation into scalable solutions that sustain Earth’s environment and the growing need for energy and water resources.

Berkeley Lab’s Earth and Environmental Sciences Area (EESA) strategic plan describes a collective vision on how EESA will contribute to solving the most pressing energy and environmental challenges of our time. This strategic plan seeks to harness innovative and diverse EESA talent to take on five ambitious, but achievable, earth and environmental Grand Challenges. By focusing on these challenges, EESA scientists use collaborative teamwork to discover the scientific underpinnings important for sustaining healthy soil and clean water, sequestering atmospheric carbon, using subsurface resources responsibly, and developing strategies for resilience in a changing world.

These research goals will advance our predictive understanding of interactions and feedbacks across Earth’s compartments, from atmosphere to ecosystems to deep subsurface. The breadth of these Grand Challenges explores how small-scale interactions mediate the behavior of entire integrated systems, how external forcings influence small-scale behaviors, and how the combined effect of these interactions supports water and elemental cycles critical for life on Earth.

Developing a predictive understanding of complex and coupled Earth systems also requires new capabilities, which we describe as three Cross-cutting Technologies and Platforms. These will enhance our capabilities to observe, understand and predict integrated Earth system processes over the range of spatial and temporal scales required by the Grand Challenges.

Grand Challenges

Earth’s Microbial Engines
Climate and the Carbon Sink
Future Water
Sustainable Earth
Resilient Systems

Cross-cutting Technologies and Platforms

Community Observatories
Nimble & Networked Sensing Systems
Scale-Aware Data & Simulation Tools

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