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July 2017 marks our 40th year in earth and environmental science research at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
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Alumni Updates

Barry Smiler
Barry Smiler says…I worked in the Energy & Environment division (as it was then known) until the mass cutbacks of 1982 by the Reagan administration. Since then I have written chess software for Garry Kasparov, served as a Senior Research Analyst at Bank of America, and was CEO of a technology company for many years. Currently I am mostly retired and living in the Netherlands. [January 11, 2019]
woman snowshoeing
Jil Geller says…Since retiring from LBNL last year, I started part-time work for Kiverdi, Inc. as their lead bioprocess engineer. It’s exciting to be involved in an area with so much potential – utilizing microbes to make beneficial products from waste gases. Through Kiverdi’s ongoing collaboration with EESA, I have affiliate status at the Lab, so I do come by every so often. Read More»
Family visits take me to Boston (where I am now visiting my adorable 4-month old granddaughter!), Seattle and Tel Aviv. I traveled to Mexico last year (Yucatan, Oaxaca and Mexico City – Semana Santa is the BEST time to visit Mexico City – all the affluent people with their cars leave for vacation). I continue to take pottery classes at the Berkeley Art Studio, and love using my electric bike around town – it even gets me up the hill to LBNL! [July 31, 2017]
Rider on horseback
Linda Wuy says…Since retiring in 2012 I am enjoying riding my Tennessee Walker, Stetson, and traveling to all our beautiful national parks. After visiting Peru I became involved with a charity called Path of the Heart that feeds and educates the children of the Sacred Valley. I have also joined their Board of Directors. [July 24, 2017]

Ian Bourg says…I joined the faculty at Princeton in 2015. My group studies the hydrology, chemistry, and mechanics of fine-grained soils and sedimentary rocks. One of our goals is to understand how clay minerals protect soil organic carbon and organic contaminants. [July 13, 2017]

Larry Myer says…Since retiring in 2010, I have continued to work part time as a technical consultant in geologic storage of CO2. I am currently working for KeyLogic Sytems, Inc., providing technical support to the National Energy Technology Laboratory for the Carbon Storage Program. Apart from this, I am enjoying being a grandfather, known as Papa. [July 13, 2017]

Roland Gritto says…After leaving the lab, I joined Array Information Technology, where I conduct research in seismic imaging of subsurface structure from reservoir to regional scale and in the analysis of earthquake processes. [July 13, 2017]

Ruth Tinnacher says…I joined the faculty at California State University East Bay in 2016. Our proposal to DOE’s Nuclear Eng. Univ. Program was just selected to study U(VI) sorption in clays. This 3-year project will be a collaboration including LBNL researchers. [July 13, 2017]

Hui-Hai Liu says…I am working
with Aramco Research Center in Houston and currently working on flow theory, model development and parameter determination for unconventional reservoirs. [July 11, 2017]

Yu-Shu Wu says…
I have joined Colorado School of Mines since 2008 as a professor in petroleum engineering, working on unconventional reservoirs, CO2 sequestration, and geothermal energy and traveling to China, UAE, Canada, France, Austria and Norway in the past year.
[July 11, 2017]

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