Dried stream bed, parched grasses, California drought. June 2015

Berkeley Lab investigators are using fundamental research to address the interdependent challenges of water and energy, as regional climates change, and populations grow. The Berkeley Lab’s collective expertise can use both fundamental research and technological advances to meet these challenges.

Researchers of the Earth and Environmental Sciences Area are contributing significantly to this initiative. Susan Hubbard, ALD for the Area, co-leads with Energy Technologies’ ALD Ramamoorthy Ramesh. Peter Nico is leading the initiative focus on subsurface water—storage, underground water movement, water quality. Andrew Jones is leading the initiative focus on climate and water, developing models that look at such risks as extreme heat events and how they impact microclimates, and that evaluate urban built environments which could worsen or ease the impacts of those heat events.

The Water Resilience Initiative aims to improve hydroclimate predictions of water distribution, and to develop new approaches for water generation and storage that provide resilience in an energy constrained and uncertain water future.

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