Associate Lab Director Susan Hubbard and BRGM President Michèle Rousseau signed a Memorandum of Understanding Tuesday, April 10, to expand a collaborative partnership. BGRM is the French geological survey.       © BRGM – Frédéric Moreira


On April 10, Berkeley Lab and France’s Geological Survey, BRGM (Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières), signed a Memorandum of Understanding representing their intent to expand a collaborative partnership.  The French geological survey is one of Berkeley Lab’s key European counterparts in working to address the need to protect and sustain Earth’s energy and environmental resources.

Berkeley Lab Associate Director Susan Hubbard attended the signing with BRGM President Michèle Rousseau, in Orléans, France, on behalf of Berkeley Lab Director Mike Witherell. Like EESA, BRGM is interested in translating scientific discoveries into scalable solutions that address the planet’s most significant energy geoscience and environmental challenges. Berkeley Lab Earth scientist Nicolas Spycher will co-lead the partnership with BRGM scientist Mohamed Azaroual.

Hubbard expressed satisfaction at the opportunity the MOU presents to formalize and bolster long-standing efforts by the two organizations to partner on topics of shared interest.

“This MOU dramatically expands what has been a long-term partnership between Berkeley Lab and BRGM,” she says. “Augmenting several frontier earth and environmental science topical areas, the collaboration also includes a focus on two topics relevant to Berkeley Lab’s Lab-wide initiatives on machine learning for science as well as water-energy resilience. The partnership brings together complementary strengths of our two institutions and holds significant promise for an expanded global impact of the developed sciences and technology.”