Biogeochemical Cycling

Our Biogeochemical Cycling scientists interrogate and quantify biogeochemical cycles of carbon, metal, and other nutrients. These studies focus primarily on the Earth’s Critical Zone and range in scale from nano- to watershed, making use of Department of Energy Facilities such as the Advanced Light Source at Berkeley Lab.

The research of the Biogeochemical Cycling team focuses on problems such as:

  • Carbon, nitrogen, and phosphate cycling at the watershed scale









Arora et al., 2016



  • Biogeochemical processes in floodplains and the hyporheic zone








Arora et al., 2015

  • Metal cycling in the Critical Zone influenced by microbial processes











Druhan et al., 2012

  • Sulfur cycling and isotopic fractionation in the Critical Zone









Li et al., 2011


  • Radionuclide and metal redox chemistry












  • Genome-informed biogeochemical and microbial reaction network









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