Biological Technologies

Ecology Department scientists are experts at developing biological technologies that are used for energy, environmental, and health applications. Our personnel hold key positions in a wide range of biofuel-related projects, which include discovery of fuel-related biosynthetic enzymes and heterologous expression or re-engineering of fuel-related metabolic pathways in bacteria (including cyanobacteria), algae, and plants.

Examples of current technologies developed by the Ecology Department include the R&D 100 award winners:


Berkeley Lab Multiplex Chemotyping Microarray

Generates collections of microscopic biomolecule or particle assemblies accurately and reproducibly. Enables rapid chemical analyses of prospective biofuel plants and microbial communities, by combining high-throughput micro-contact printing technology with high-fidelity spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques.

Berkeley Lab PhyloChip

Used to quantify key microbial interactions in climate-altered soil communities, identify thermophilic composting processes for increased energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gases, and control pathogens in surface waters.