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New High-Resolution Exascale Earth Modeling System for Energy

A new Earth System Model (ESM) unveiled today will have weather scale resolution and use advanced computers to simulate aspects of Earth’s variability and decadal changes expected to impact the U.S. energy sector in coming years. After four years of development, the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) will be released to the broader scientific…

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Assessing the Impact of Hurricanes on Puerto Rico’s Forests

This map of Puerto Rico shows highest forest damage and tree mortality impact areas in with darker tones of red indicating more intense forest disturbance as tree mortality and crown damage. Grey areas represent non-forested areas or areas with cloud cover.   Building on methods they used to assess the impact of hurricanes such as…

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Berkeley Lab addresses California Water Resilience challenges with new major initiative

California drought--dried stream, grasses, June 2015

The Water Resilience Initiative aims to improve hydroclimate predictions of water distribution, and to develop new approaches for water generation and storage that provide resilience in an energy constrained and uncertain water future.

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