EESA Council Group photos

The Earth and Environmental Sciences Area (EESA) committees, Division Representatives, and Lab-wide committees enable EESA and Berkeley Lab to make decisions, take action on, or report on subject matter critical to operational and scientific activities. If you would like more information or are interested in participating on discussions regarding the subject areas identified below, please feel free to contact the representative or member.

EESA Organized Committees and Councils

Area and Division Councils

The Earth and Environmental Sciences Area Council is composed of the Division Directors, all program domain leads, department heads, and operations manager. Additional invitees include operations leads, human resources, and the safety coordinator plus ad-hoc members. The council is chaired by the Associate Lab Director and meets twice a month, typically on Mondays.

Division Councils, which are held once a month, are chaired by the Division Director and includes the department heads, Division program domain leads, operations managers, human resources, and the safety coordinator plus ad-hoc members.


Council Members

Awards Committee

Distinguished Scientists Seminar Series Committee

The Distinguished Scientist Seminar Series Committee invites eminent individuals from various disciplines in the scientific community whose research is outstanding, interdisciplinary, and of broad interest to strategic initiatives in the earth sciences to present their research at Berkeley Lab.

Area Staff Committee

Area Safety Committee

Early Career Development Grants (ECDG) Committee

The Earth and Environmental Sciences Early Career Development Grants (ECDG) Committee is composed of a representative from each of the five departments. The committee is charged with managing the ECDG program. The intent of the ECDG is to provide an opportunity for early career, scientific staff to develop new concepts, tools, and approaches with the potential to complement and/or enhance existing EESA research programs, lead to or make progress on new EESA research directions, or to lay the foundation for future proposals. These projects are envisioned to be ‘seed’ projects that can be completed within 1-2 years. The ECDG committee will evaluate the projects and may request short presentations by candidates whose proposals are under consideration for funding. The committee meets annually.

Lab-wide Committee and Council Representatives

Conflict of Interest (COI) Advisory CommitteeBoris Faybishenko

Communications Council – Ali Douraghy

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Advisory BoardRomy Chakraborty & Preston Jordan

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Council – Vivi Fissekidou & Neslihan Tas (Area Representatives)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Leadership CouncilWilliam Collins

Division Business Council (DBC) – Peter Lau and Lisa Kelly

Early Career Programs Peter Fiske

Lab Staff Committee (LSC)Curt Oldenburg (EGD) & William Riley (CESD)

Laboratory Support Advisory Committee (LSAC)Lisa Kelly (Area and EGD) & Eoin Brodie (CESD)

Laboratory Awards CommitteeMark Conrad (EGD) & William Riley (CESD)

Library CommitteeJohn Christensen

Property Management – Peter Lau

Safety Advisory Committee (SAC)John Christensen

Scientific IT Advisory CommitteeCharuleka Varadharajan

Travel Liaison Committee (TLC) – Sara Hefty

Women Scientists and Engineers Council (WSEC)Yingqi Zhang (EGD) & Chaincy Kuo (CESD)