Frank Morrison, a senior faculty scientist in Berkeley Lab’s Earth and Environmental Sciences Area and professor at UC Berkeley, has been recognized for his lifetime contributions to the field of electrical and electromagnetic geophysics with a 2017 Gerald W. Hohmann Lifetime Achievement Award. Morrison is widely known for his contributions across the entire spectrum of electrical and electromagnetic methods, with scales ranging from deep crustal sounding techniques to near-surface investigations such as developing a new approach in detection and characterization of unexploded ordnance (UXO).

Gerald W. Hohmann was an international leader in the theory and application of electrical and electromagnetic methods for exploration of the earth’s crust. The Gerald W. Hohmann Trust was established in 1992 and raises funds through personal donations and special events that are reinvested into education and training in electrical and electromagnetic geophysics. The lifetime achievement award was established by the Trust in recognition of outstanding contributions to teaching and research in electromagnetic geophysics.

Read the letter of nomination of Frank Morrison here.