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Long-range subsurface imaging system

April 30, 2019 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

This talk describes a new long-range single borehole imaging system designed to image out to distances of 100 m. The tool includes a full phased array with multichannel fiber optic data lines, and a clamping system that can rotate to any azimuth. The phased array can be used to focus waves to a point. For general imaging we create virtual point sources that can shifted to arbitrary locations. The tool is approximately 70 ft in length and is designed for use in a cased borehole.  In addition to the direct imaging from the borehole we can also use the array as a seismic source that can aim sound in the desired location.  Also we can use the fiber optic lines as receivers for distributed acoustic sensing. We will be incorporating fiber geophones in the coming year. The tool can directly determine elastic properties of the material by inducing shear waves into the rock formation.

While the primary application of the tool is currently for imaging natural fractures in fracking operations, we believe the tool can provide value in geothermal and waste water disposal applications.

About the Speaker: Tim Davies (Turkana, Inc.)

Tim Davies started his work life with a subsidiary of Lockheed (can ocean engineering). After that he founded several seismic and medical imaging companies. Tim created the seismic imager back in the early 90’s and it used conventional data. That company was sold and he started innervsion medical technologies, which implemented a synthetic aperture ultrasound image that was used in 280 human trials before being sold. Tim started Turkana so that he could take advantage of recent advances in fiber optic technology. He holds several imaging patents including tissue characterization IP.

Tim sees himself as a serial technology start up person.


Hosted By: Kurt Nihei


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