Geosciences Measurement Facility

  • Specialized Vehicles for Field Deployment

    Our Specialty Vehicles Support Long-Term and Offshore Deployments

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  • Rock Physics and Coupled Dynamics

    Research in the laboratory increases our scientists experimental knowledge base for geophysical properties of rocks and sediments that are either not well described by conventional rock physics models or have yet to be fully exploited.

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Berkeley Lab’s Earth and Environmental Sciences Area field work at the subsurface, atmosphere, and ocean is supported by the Geosciences Measurement Facility (GMF), a DOE-supported facility designed to develop and maintain a variety of geophysical and geoscience instrumentation and measurement equipment. For example, research on piezoelectric sources and borehole sensor arrays, as well as high-frequency seismic recording, has been supported by GMF for over 10 years.

In addition, the GMF:

  • is the focal point for an extensive inventory of complex scientific equipment used for Berkeley Lab projects, with responsibility for the maintenance, upgrading, training, and field operations of this hard ware
  • allows for management of the full complement of sophisticated field instrumentation and associated support vehicles necessary to test and develop a piezoelectric multisource phased array
  • maintains a state-of-the-art multidisciplinary field instrumentation facility in support of various environmental, geophysical, and hydrogeological research programs at Berkeley Lab
  • assists in the development of new instrumentation and field methods for investigating the subsurface and its processes by providing professional in-field technical support for scientific staff and management of the complex and varied field studies required in scientific research programs
  • includes electronic and mechanical engineers as well as technicians, shop facilities, field support vehicles (including wireline and recording trucks), and a three borehole test facility

The GMF is located at Berkeley Lab in Building 64 and operates under a high bay area and holds a machine shop, an electronics instrumentation work area, and testing facilities. The shipping and loading docks areas are wide enough to accommodate our vehicles and field equipment. There are two 60 foot steel cased test wells inside the GMF facilities for instrumentation testing and development (with 10-foot spacing). In addition, the GMF operates at a second location in partnership with the University of California’s Richmond Field Station utilizing its test facilities with 13 wells in a 100 meter array, PVC and steel casing. Both locations require prior approval or escort before accessing the facilities and equipment. Required training may apply depending on your scope of work within this facility.

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Contact Us and Access Restrictions

The GMF is open during general business hours when the staff are not on travel. To utilize the GMF, please contact us to discuss your needs, access restrictions, and training requirements. For after hours access to the GMF, supervisors should send an email with the ID number of the individual requiring access, to the following points of contact:

  • Michelle Robertson, Geosciences Measurement Facility, Project Scientist,, (510) 486-5096
  • Tom Daley, Geosciences Measurement Facility Labspace Lead PI,, (510) 486-7316

Core Capabilities

Geophysical Computation for Modeling and Imaging

Our subsurface imaging research is now focused on combining multiple types of geophysical data sets to better quantify the subsurface and reduce ambiguity. The degree to which joint images of geophysical attributes can be used successfully to infer rock properties (fracture orientation, fracture density, temperature and fluid saturations) from geophysical attributes is also an active area of research. Complementing this imaging capability is our robust computational capability, the challenge for which is to develop accurate and efficient computer codes capable of modeling the seismic and electromagnetic response in complex geologic media.

Paul Cook

Paul Cook

Principal Scientific Engineering Associate

Phone: 510-486-6110
Fax: 510-486-6819

Thomas Daley

Staff Scientist

Phone: 510-486-7316
Fax: 510-486-5686

Alejandro Morales

Mechanical Engineering Technician

Phone: 510-486-5967

Michelle Robertson

Program Manager

Phone: 510-486-5096

Todd J. Wood

Principal Scientific Engineering Associate

Phone: 510-486-4104