Tim Kneafsey in the labOn February 1, 2017, Tim Kneafsey will assume the position of Program Lead for the Hydrocarbon Resources Program at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Tim will be responsible for strategic development, identification, dissemination, and coordination of funding opportunities related to hydrocarbon resources (DOE and work-for-others opportunities), and for serving as point of contact and spokesperson for this area in interactions with DOE Fossil Energy, the National Energy Technologies Laboratory, industry, and other institutions.

Tim has an excellent background to lead this program for the Energy Geosciences Division. In addition to investigations in other research topics, Tim has worked on hydrocarbon resource research for nearly 20 years, particularly in the fields of producing hydrocarbons from gas hydrate, coal bed methane, and shale reservoirs. Tim will do a great job leading the Hydrocarbon Resources Program at LBNL and supporting the mission of DOE’s Fossil Energy Office of Oil & Natural Gas.

Our thanks go to George Moridis for his outstanding leadership of the Hydrocarbon Resources Program over the past years. George has played a significant role during the formative stages of the Energy Geosciences Division, and has been a thoughtful advocate for the Hydrocarbon Resources Program in Division Council meetingse. He has influenced several important Council decisions, and has managed several challenges over the years on behalf of the Hydrocarbon Program.