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Berkeley Lab Scientists Took Large Role in Developing New Report on the Viability and Safety of Underground Gas Storage in California

Berkeley Lab scientists took a key role in publishing an exhaustive scientific report on the safety and long-term viability of underground natural gas storage in California, requested by Gov. Brown in the aftermath of the largest methane leak in U.S. history at the Southern California Aliso Canyon UGS more than two years ago.

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Panel Discussion on Lab’s Water Technology Research Jan. 10

East River watershed, Colorado CA

On Jan. 10 at noon in the Building 50 auditorium, five Lab scientists will discuss innovative solutions to improving the reliability, efficiency, and sustainability of water-energy systems in California and the nation. The event, “Big Ideas in Water Technology Research,” will be moderated by Peter Fiske, director of Berkeley Lab’s Water-Energy Resilience Research Institute, which…

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EcoSENSE Workshop Draws Participants from All Six Areas of Berkeley Lab

More than 75 participants from across all six areas of Berkeley Lab attended a half-day workshop on December 1 to discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with ecosystem sensing and characterization. Hosts Eoin Brodie, Senior Scientist, Ecology Department, and research scientist Yuxin Wu, opened the morning workshop with an explanation of the work underway by Lab researchers…

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Susan Hubbard and Margaret Torn Honored as #AGU17 Fellows

About 80 EESA scientists are representing Berkeley Lab at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union this week in New Orleans. AGU’s annual fall meeting is the largest Earth and space science meeting in the world, with more than 24,000 attendees. For the first time in several years, the meeting is being held away…

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Meet Your Postdoc: Floriana Petrone

Structural engineer Floriana Petrone was one of four EESA postdocs to address the Meet your Postdoc session on Thursday, November 16, a brown-bag lunch series designed to acquaint senior scientists with EESA postdocs and their significant contributions to Berkeley Lab. After completing her undergraduate studies in Construction Engineering, Floriana received her Ph.D. in Structural Engineering…

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Dark Fiber: Using Sensors Beneath Our Feet to Tell Us About Earthquakes, Water, and Other Geophysical Phenomenon

  Scientists at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have shown for the first time that dark fiber – the vast network of unused fiber-optic cables installed throughout the country and the world – can be used as sensors for detecting earthquakes, the presence of groundwater, changes in permafrost conditions, and…

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