EESA celebrates National Postdoc Appreciation Week 2016.

EESA celebrates National Postdoc Appreciation Week 2016.

Postdoctoral (postdoc) training in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Area (EESA) is a vital part of obtaining the appropriate experience to advance to a career as a scientific professional within Berkeley Lab, at an academic institution, in industry, or at another national lab. Postdocs are a significant component of the scientific community at Berkeley Lab, and the position offers opportunities to undertake scholarly research, interact with career scientists in many areas of expertise, and develop supervisory skills through training students. Other activities that provide excellent experience for career advancement include assisting in organizing scientific meetings and volunteering for committees.

In 2009, as the former Earth Sciences Division started to see the postdoc community grow with the start up of several key research projects and we began several efforts to work with the community to (1) make Berkeley Lab a great place to work, (2) enhance the postdoc work experience, and to (3) provide continuing education and career development opportunities. We continue these efforts today in EESA.

More information about postdocs at Berkeley Lab can be found on the Berkeley Lab Postdoc Webpage, which includes the “meet a postdoc” video series, the postdoc climate survey and results, workshops and seminars, and external job postings.

Resources for Our Postdocs

The following is a list of resources for the postdoc community within EESA and Berkeley Lab. If you would like more information about these topics, please work with your supervisor.

Current Postdocs

Check out EESA’s terrific group of postdocs – you can learn fun facts about several of them too! EESA Postdoc Profiles  (downloadable pdf)

Career Opportunities At Berkeley Lab

Open positions from throughout Berkeley Lab can be found on Berkeley Lab’s Jobs page. For specific details on positions available within the EESA, please go to our Current Job Opportunities page and be sure to review the search criteria tips.

Employee/Career Development and Training

EESA is addressing its training and development initiatives by identifying courses, programs, and resources that will assist employees in improving core capabilities, fostering creativity, and mentoring others.
Read More (staff only link) »

Events Calendar

The EESA and Berkeley Lab public events calendars are central resources for you to stay up-to-date.
View the EESA events calendar »
View the Berkeley Lab events calendar »

In addition, there are many google calendars managed throughout Berkeley Lab and the EESA. Depending on which Project(s) you are assigned to, calendars may be available to subscribe to. Work with your supervisor or team members to identify the best calendar resource for you to use.

The EESA Postdoc Events calendar contains training opportunities, seminars, and other key information. Preview and subscribe to the EESA Postdoc Events calendar by adding it to your google account.


EESA supports and encourages informal mentoring relationships that will enhance employee success and professional growth. Relationships can form not only at the workplace, but elsewhere within an individual’s network. At the workplace, the EESA has prepared resources for employees, supervisors, and mentors to help form productive relationships amongst all members of the Division and at Berkeley Lab. Read More (staff only link) »

Creating a profile page on the EESA website

If you would like to set up your own Profile page, please contact the to get started. Please submit a recent CV, a short biographical summary (1-2 paragraphs), and a recent portrait (72 dpi or more for a 8.5×11 inch (2500×3500 px) image size). If you do not have a recent portrait, a photo session with the Lab photographer can be scheduled. To get an idea of how staff profiles are built, you can browse fellow co-worker profiles by clicking on Our People in the main menu.

Fellowships at Berkeley Lab

The following is a list of fellowships offered at Berkeley Lab. These fellowships are offered every few years depending on availability of funds for a given period of time. Look for Level-1 announcements from the Division Office, Human Resources, or information communicated through TABL. Interested posdoctoral fellows should discuss opportunities with their supervisors or Human Resources before applications are submitted.

The Berkeley Lab Postdoc Association

The Berkeley Lab Postdoc Association (BLPA) provides resources for postdocs, grad students, and early career scientists such as career-development information and upcoming events. Postdocs from Berkeley Lab and from UC Berkeley, may also connect with Berkeley Postdoc Association (BPA) and the Visiting Scholars and Postdocs Association (VSPA). They have some good resources.

UC Berkeley Affiliation and ID Card

Berkeley Lab and UC Berkeley (UCB) have in place a system to grant UCB Credentials (Cal 1 ID Cards and Calnet Usernames & Passwords) to Berkeley Lab Postdocs, and Employees who need to utilize UCB resources. Read More »

Additional Resources

Career Development

Academic Job Search

Non-Academic Job Search

Proposal Development