Alan Rhoades

Hydroclimate Uncertainty Postdoctoral Fellow

Building 084, Room 0118C

M/S 74R316C

Phone: 530-210-8344


Climate change is the defining issue of my generation. The regional climate impacts facing the hydrologic systems of western US states will be the focal issue in determining their future. As such, I strive to be on the front lines of scientific inquiry, analysis, and communication about this pivotal issue. To do this, I capitalize on my knowledge and passion for the nexus between climatology and hydrology, hydroclimatology.

Mountains are our natural water towers and our sentinels of climate change. My research aims to better understand impacts facing mountainous regions by leveraging the projection capabilities of cutting-edge climate modeling techniques, such as the variable-resolution capabilities in the Community Earth System Model (VR-CESM). To date, my efforts have focused on validating and projecting future climate change scenario impacts on several key hydroclimate metrics (e.g., two-meter surface temperature, snow cover, snow water equivalent, and snowfall) with the intent to better inform water managers and preemptively plan for water resource uncertainties.