Alexander Polussa

Guest Research Assistant


M/S 70A3317

Phone: 510-486-7280


I am a research assistant in the EESA Ecology supporting research focused on how biogeochemical processes respond to large-scale climate disturbances. I work primarily on the Watershed Function SFA in the Colorado Rocky Mountains analyzing and characterizing microbial nutrient exchange, natural abundance isotope signatures, and microbial community structure. On a ‘mini-cosm’ scale, I am using isotope tracer techniques and experimental manipulation to study nitrification and microbial assimilation in a controlled setting for agricultural applications.

Another research interest is the application of machine learning techniques to model near-infrared signatures of biomass captured at a large scale and the prediction of mid-infrared signatures. These predictions will help elucidate the chemical composition of lignocellulosic biomass.

I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2017 with a B.S. in Molecular Environmental Biology and have since been working with Dr. Eoin Brodie.