Andrew D. Jones

Research Scientist

Program Domain Lead for Earth Systems and Society

Building 084, Room 0203C

M/S 74R316C

Phone: 510-486-5114

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Jones is Deputy Director of the Climate Readiness Institute and a research scientist in the Climate and Ecosystem Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where he leads the Earth Systems and Society Program Domain.   He is the Hydroclimate theme lead for LBL’s Water-Energy Resilience Initiative and the Resilient Systems Grand Challenge lead for the Earth and Environmental Sciences Strategic Vision.

His research uses quantitative Earth system science tools –computer models, uncertainty quantification techniques, etc. – to gain decision-relevant insight into how humans affect the climate and vice versa.  Recent themes include the “usability” of regional climate projections for adaptation planning, the resilience of water, energy, and agricultural systems to multiple stressors, and the coupled interactions between human and natural systems, at both global and regional scales.

Dr. Jones is the LBL co-PI for the multi-institutional Project Hyperion, within which he leads a stakeholder engagement process with water management professionals in four case study basins across the US aimed at evaluating and improving the decision-relevance of high-resolution climate projections for long-range water system planning.  Dr. Jones is also currently leading a project to examine how climate change will affect urban heat islands in California and the implications of this change for irrigation water demand. Within the Department of Energy’s next generation Accelerate Climate Model for Energy (ACME) project, Dr. Jones is helping to develop new model capabilities to examine global and regional feedbacks between human and Earth systems.