Barry M. Freifeld

Mechanical Engineer

Building 074, Room 0103

M/S 74R316C

Phone: 510-486-4381

Curriculum Vitae


Barry Freifeld is a Mechanical Engineer at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where he is the Principal Investigator for numerous projects relating to CO2 sequestration and arctic hydrology. He also spent three years (2016-2019) as the Head of the Hydrogeology Department in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Area.

He received his BA in Applied Mathematics (UC Berkeley), his MS in Mechanical Engineering (UC Santa Barbara), and PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering (UC Berkeley, 2001). He is an expert in the development of well-based monitoring instrumentation and techniques. His recent innovations include the U-tube geochemical sampling methodology, as well as thermal perturbation fiber-optic monitoring techniques for understanding subsurface processes. He has also received a U.S. patent for a portable whole-core x-ray computed tomography imaging system used at continental drill sites and on drilling vessels.