Cecilia Chavana-Bryant

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Building 084, Room 0103F

M/S 74R316C

Phone: 510-486-5537



I am a Post-Doctoral Scholar in the Climate & Ecosystem Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. My research focuses on the ecology and function of forest canopies. I am a professionally trained tree climber with extensive tree climbing experience in Australia, Brazil, France, French Guiana, Peru, UK and USA to collect canopy samples for morphological, chemical and hyperspectral analysis and to deploy scientific equipment. My current research investigates how canopy structure and environment influence leaf demography, leaf traits and their spectral signatures and also important ecosystem functions such as water use and photosynthesis. I completed my PhD in the School of Geography and the Environment at The University of Oxford and I use a wide range of techniques including field physiological studies, dendroecology, remote sensing, LIDAR, GIS, and UAVs to address fundamental questions about forest canopy ecosystem structure, function and dynamics.

Rainforest Canopy Research from Jake Bryant on Vimeo.