Cinta Gomez Silvan

Guest Postdoctoral Fellow


Building 070A, Room 2245B


Phone: 510-486-6901


I’m a postdoc fellow in the ESPM Department at UC Berkeley, and an affiliate in the Ecology Department at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, working in Gary Andersen’s group. I investigate microorganisms in different ecosystems and their responses and interactions with the environment. Currently I’m studying how the fecal contamination evolve and age in the natural watersheds and sediments, contributing to develop better tools to ensure the health security of recreational waters. I also studied the fate and response of the methanotrophic bacteria during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, and I’m currently developing and optimizing methodologies to study the microbiome of indoor environments where humans spend 90% of their time. I received my Ph.D from University of Granada (Spain) studying the microbial dynamics and responses of a membrane bioreactor, an advance wastewater treatment that allows the reutilization of the treated water.