Eric Dubinsky

Guest Scientist


Building 070A, Room 3317M5

M/S 70A3317

Phone: 510-486-5022

Curriculum Vitae


Eric Dubinsky is a Guest Scientist in the Ecology Department at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He investigates microorganisms in the environment and their responses to disturbance, climate change and human interventions. He is developing new tools that use microbial communities as biosensors to detect environmental perturbations and sources of pollution in watersheds. This work is helping track the origins and fate of potential pathogens and bioavailable pollutants in impaired waters throughout the United States. He is also studying the microbial dynamics of thermophilic composting, and the effects of land applications of composted products on soil microorganisms that control nutrient and carbon cycling. Eric received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management before joining LBNL.