Evan S. Um

Guest Scientist


Building 074, Room 0101D


Phone: 510-495-2172

Fax: 510-486-5686


Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Evan Schankee Um joined LBNL Earth Sciences Division in 2011 as a postdoctoral scientist and is currently a research scientist. He utilizes electromagnetic (EM) fields and seismic waves to investigate energy reserves, geological structures and fluid distribution within the Earth. Analysis and interpretation of EM and seismic fields that travel through the Earth are not only geophysically complex but also numerically intensive. Thus, he develops accurate and fast numerical algorithms for simulating and interpreting geophysical responses to complex geology. The resulting algorithms are employed to better understand the physics of EM field and seismic wave interaction with complex geology. His simulation and interpretation algorithms provide solutions to a range of important problems such as fossil energy resource exploration, geothermal exploration, CO2 sequestration, environmental geophysics, geophysical monitoring and geological engineering. He is also interested in developing new multi-geophysical data acquisition strategies for challenging survey scenarios.