Evan S. Um

Project Scientist

Building 074, Room 0101D

M/S 74R316C

Phone: 510-495-2172

Fax: 510-486-5686


Curriculum Vitae


I am an electromagnetic (EM) geophysicist with a computational emphasis. I utilize EM wave propagation and diffusion to investigate geological structures, energy reserves and fluid distribution within the Earth from the near-surface scale to the deep mantle. To rigorously interrogate the Earth, my research is not limited to a single EM method but jointly utilizes multiple EM methods. I often employ both EM and seismic methods in a joint inversion framework to improve the consistency and reduce the ambiguity in geophysical analysis. Analysis and interpretation of seismic and EM fields that propagate/diffuse through the Earth are not only geophysically complex but also numerically intensive. Thus, I develop accurate, fast and scalable algorithms for simulating and interpreting geophysical responses to complex geology. The algorithms are employed to better understand the physics of EM and seismic field interaction with complex geology. My modeling and inversion algorithms provide solutions to a range of marine geophysical problems including offshore fault and tectonic zones, volcanic and geothermal investigations, monitoring of geological storages, imaging of deep crust and mantle structures and energy exploration.