Hang Deng

Research Scientist

Building 074, Room 0327P

M/S 74R316C

Phone: 510-486-4537


Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Hang Deng is a broadly trained environmental scientist (e.g. environmental engineering, geosciences, and economics), with special research interests and expertise in coupled processes in reactive fractured porous media. Her current research investigates the evolution of fractured porous media using an integrated experimental and modeling approach, and puts an emphasis on geochemical reactions at the fluid-fluid and fluid-solid interfaces and the coupled hydrological-mechanical-thermal processes triggered by these reactions. Her research includes (1) characterization of complex fractured porous media using various imaging techniques, (2) quantification of fracture hydraulic properties using computational fluid dynamics simulations, (3) experimental investigation of the impacts of fluid chemistry on fracture alteration, and (4) reactive transport modeling of the dynamic evolution of fractures and porous media in mineralogically heterogeneous systems. She has additional expertise in policy and economic analyses of energy technologies for climate change mitigation using integrated assessment models. By advancing fundamental research and developing predictive modeling capability across scales, her research informs practices that address pressing challenges regarding energy, water and environment.