Jenna Wong

Jenna Wong

Guest Faculty


Building 074, Room 0327G

M/S 74R316C

Phone: 510-486-4926

Fax: 510-486-5686

Curriculum Vitae


Jenna Wong is a structural engineer broadly focused on seismic design of nuclear facilities. Dr. Wong’s doctorate research at UC Berkeley investigated the applicability of seismic isolation and supplemental viscous damping to nuclear power plants with focus on seismic resilience and safety. The work identified isolation parameters for the optimization of design to produce high performance levels of both structural response and secondary systems.

Dr. Wong’s work at LBNL is focusing on developing a modern computational framework for the nonlinear seismic analysis of Department of Energy nuclear facilities and systems. This work seeks to expand the understanding of soil structure interaction for these structures and the means of modeling this behavior both theoretically and experimentally. This is a project in collaboration with UC Davis and University of Nevada, Reno. Another project currently in development includes collaboration with PG&E designing a regional scale simulation and data system for enhanced earthquake hazard and risk assessment of electrical and gas systems.

In addition to her research experience, Dr. Wong also has worked for the public and private engineering sectors in the areas of water infrastructure, transportation, data systems, and project management. She is also currently a lecturer at San Francisco State University and is active in professional engineering organizations.

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