Jonathan Ajo-Franklin portrait

Jonathan Ajo-Franklin

Staff Scientist

Building 074, Room 0301


Phone: 510-495-2728

Curriculum Vitae


The focus of my research program is the use of geophysical methods to understand the spatial and temporal dynamics of subsurface processes relevant to energy and environmental applications including (but not limited to) fluid flow and structural alteration of the porous matrix e.g. mineral precipitation and dissolution. My work encompasses a wide variety of techniques and length scales ranging from monitoring pore-scale transformations using synchrotron micro-tomography (10^-6 m) to using timelapse borehole seismic measurements to characterize changes in reservoir properties (10^3 m). While I’m currently involved in quite a few projects, about half are related to understanding and utilizing the geophysical signature of CO2 in the subsurface to enable monitoring of geologic carbon sequestration. The remainder of my projects delve into geophysically monitoring microbially-induced transformations, particularly as related to site remediation and enhanced hydrocarbon recovery.