Jovan Milan Tadic

Guest Scientist


Phone: 510-486-4865

Curriculum Vitae


My research focuses primarily on development new measurement and/or data analysis techniques to improve our understanding of the Carbon cycle. I participated in multiple airborne campaigns to measure CO2, CH4 and O3. In addition, I have been developing geostatistical tools (kriging) for transforming scattered in-situ or remote sensing measurements into contiguous maps of estimates.

My work also included analysis of photodecomposition patterns and quantum yields of the decomposition of several important long chain aldehydes (C4-C8), which special emphasis kept on the photophysical aspects, analysis of the spin states of photoecxited molecules and deactivation processes.

I am currently focusing on the understanding of methane sources and sink dynamics in Artic, and observational constrains of the current integrated remote sensing and in situ observational system.