Junyan Ding

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Building 084, Room 0118G

M/S 74R316C

Phone: 510-486-6724



I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Climate & Ecosystem Sciences Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. I did my first bachelor degree in computer science about 15 years ago in China and worked as a system analyst for a few years. But my real interest is nature science especially how plants interact with their environment. So, after I came to Canada ten years ago, I pursuit a second bachelor degree in Agriculture at the University of British Columbia, then a MSC at the University of Calgary in the Department of Geography in 2013. Now, I just finished my PhD in the Department of Biology at the University of Calgary a couple of month ago. My research is the interdisciplinary study of physiologic ecology of plant, hydrology and geomorphology. My PhD project focused on the hillslope hydrology mediated plant-erosion interaction. I plan to expand such study to larger spatial and temporal scale in the future.