Kolby Jeremiah Jardine

Research Scientist

Building 084, Room 0155

M/S 74R316C

Phone: +55-92-9200-7280


Curriculum Vitae


Kolby Jardine works at the interface of biochemistry, ecology, and atmospheric sciences (Biochemical Ecology) and is a research scientist with the Next-Generation Ecosystem Experiments–Tropics (NGEE-Tropics) project in the Climate & Ecosystem Sciences Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He is currently working in the Brazilian Amazon where he installed an isotope trace gas laboratory and an analytical biochemistry and atmospheric chemistry laboratory at the National Institute for Amazon Research in Manaus, Brazil.

The primary goal of the research is to characterize quantitative relationships between biochemical, optical, and volatile organic signals emitted by plants during climate extremes. This presents exciting opportunities for the development of new methods for the continuous local and global monitoring of the energetic and oxidative status of plants and ecosystems and their associated cycling of carbon and water.

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