Larry R. Myer

Guest Scientist


M/S 74R316C

Phone: 510-486-6456


Dr. Myer has research management experience in the areas of fossil energy and carbon sequestration. During his career with ESD as the Energy Resources Program Head, he was responsible for programmatic leadership of the oil, gas and geothermal research program, a multidisciplinary effort focused on reservoir characterization and monitoring, and optimization of reservoir performance. He has been leading research in geologic sequestration since 1999, and became the Program Head when geologic sequestration became a separate research program in ESD in 2006. Dr. Myer formerly led the West Coast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (WESTCARB) which is evaluating carbon dioxide capture, transport, and sequestration technologies, involving both terrestrial and geologic options, for the region comprising Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. He is widely recognized as an expert in the science and technology of geologic sequestration.