Philip E. Long

Guest Scientist
Deputy Lead, Sustainable Systems Science Focus Area


Building 085B, Room 0104D

M/S 74R316C

Phone: 509-531-2987

Fax: 510-486-5686

Curriculum Vitae


Currently Dr. Long is the Deputy Lead, Sustainable Systems Science Focus Area at LBNL.

Dr. Long has served for the last several years both at PNNL and LBNL as the Principal Investigator for the Integrated Field Research Challenge Site (IFRC) at Rifle, Colorado. The IFRC Project was awarded in September 2006 to a multidisciplinary team investigating the relationship between protein expression and geochemical changes during biostimulation for in situ treatment of uranium contamination. This 5-year field research project is part of the Department of Energy’s Subsurface Biogeochemistry Program. Funding is $1.7M for 2007 and $3M per year in 2008-2011. Dr. Long pioneered the use of IR imaging to assess gas hydrate abundance in marine sediment cores, most recently applying this technology during a gas hydrate drilling expedition in the Indian Ocean on the Joint Oceanography Institutes Deep Earth Sampling (JOIDES) “Resolution” drill ship sponsored by the Indian Government. Dr. Long has been part of two earlier methane hydrate research expeditions sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Leg 204 (offshore Oregon) and Expedition 311 (off shore Vancouver Island). Dr. Long’s participation in this work was funded initially by the National Science Foundation and subsequently by DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy.