Robinson I. Negron-Juarez

Research Scientist

Building 85B, Room 105

M/S 85B-105

Phone: 510-486-7690

Fax: 510-486-5686

Curriculum Vitae


I started working at LBL on October 1, 2013. My research: Human activity has altered both land cover and the chemical composition of the atmosphere producing changes in the climate system and largely driving climate change. At the same time, natural disturbances have also produced changes in land cover and atmospheric composition. A number of studies have reported cause-effect mechanisms linking natural disturbance and/or human activities and climate change, but a full understanding remains elusive due to the complex feedbacks of the biosphere-atmosphere system. My research addresses these interactive feedbacks with three specific goals:

  • to understand the changes to the climate and environment that result from natural and human disturbance to land cover and the chemistry of the atmosphere.
  • to understand the response of terrestrial ecosystems to those changes.
  • to understand the feedbacks between terrestrial ecosystems and climate.

My approach includes field measurements of ecological and micro-meteorological data, analysis of atmospheric data, satellite data, and modeling.

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