Ryan G. Knox

Software Developer

Building 084, Room 0202A

M/S 74R316C

Phone: 510-495-2153


Curriculum Vitae


Ryan Knox conducts research in the earth systems disciplines of eco-hydrology and terrestrial vegetation dynamics. He joined Berkeley Lab’s Climate and Carbon Science group in early in 2013 after completing his Ph.D in hydrology at MIT. During his thesis work he began active involvement in the development of the Ecosystem Demography Model 2 (ED2), which served him as a research tool to better understand how Amazonian deforestation interacts and co-evolves with natural vegetation and regional climate. At Berkeley Lab, Dr. Knox currently participates in two broader research initiatives, the Accelerated Climate Model for Energy (ACME) and the Next Generation Ecosystem Experiment Tropics (NGEE-T). His primary contributions towards the ACME project involve the co-development and implementation of Ecosystem Demographics into the ACME Land Model (ALM-ED). His primary contributions with NGEE-T involve the scaling of energy and hydrologic flux processes in vegetation canopies, and investigating how tropical forests respond to climate change and atmospheric CO2 forcing through Net Primary Production allocation and usage strategy.