Sebastien Biraud - portrait

Sébastien Biraud

Staff Scientist

Climate Sciences Department Head

Building 084, Room 0336

M/S 74R316C

Phone: 510-486-6084

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Biraud leads the Climate Sciences Department in the Climate and Ecosystem Sciences Division (CESD). He is the Principal Investigator of the DOE-supported Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Carbon Project, Airborne Carbon Measurement Experiments (ARM-ACME). He is also the Technical Lead for the AmeriFlux Management Project, and the Principal Investigator for the US-ARM AmeriFlux site located in the U.S. Southern Great Plains.

Dr. Biraud is an internationally recognized expert in the field of atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHG) observations to support research on carbon cycle, satellites validation, and source attribution. His work relies heavily on the development of measurement capabilities to estimate carbon exchange between the land and the atmosphere. These measurements and analysis activities include: (1) developing eddy covariance systems; (2) building and testing continuous high-accuracy and high precision GHG observations system; (3) integration of GHG observation systems on aircrafts, towers, and UAS platforms; (4) publishing his work on GHG emissions estimates at local and regional scales.