Shi Wang

Principal Research Associate

Building 070, Room 0158

M/S 70A3317

Phone: 510-495-2657


Shi Wang is currently a senior research associate in the Ecology Department at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, where her research is focus on the applications of traditional microbiology techniques and omic tools to identify and characterize microbial community and function in different environment (soil, permafrost, rifles etc.) She received her B.A. in biotechnology from Southwest University for Nationalities (China) and MS in Biotechnology specialized in molecular and cellular from Wageningen University (The Netherlands).  Shi’s current work is to identify soil microbial communities, microbial response and adapted pathways to limited P source in bulk soil samples. In the past three years, she was working on microbial evolution of Arctic ecosystems in a changing climate and Earth Microbiome Project.