Program Domain

Earth Systems and Society

Our mission is to provide decision-relevant insight at the interface of human and natural systems to support resiliency of energy, water, agriculture, and built environments in the face of global and regional change.



Climate Modeling

This program aims to develop global process-resolving models to help quantify the roles of climate feedbacks in anthropogenic climate change. Abrupt and extreme climate changes from anthropogenic warming pose some of the greatest risks to society and the environment. Understanding of the complex interactions involved with feedbacks is critical.


The Earth Systems and Society (ESS) Program Domain seeks to understand how humans influence climatic, ecological, and hydrological processes across a range of scales, as well as the risks faced by human systems on a changing planet. We build upon quantitative expertise in climate and ecosystem science from across the division to:

  • Improve predictive understanding of climate and ecosystem dynamics at decision-relevant scales
  • Assess the environmental implications of alternative pathways of human development
  • Identify pathways to resiliency for water, energy, agricultural, and urban systems

ESS is one of four Program Domains within the Climate and Ecosystem Sciences Division.