Ecosystems Biology Program


Microbes to Biomes (M2B): Harnessing the Soil Microbome for Food and Fuel Security

DOE-SC-Biological and Environmental Research

Microbe images imposed on Earth. Credit Berkeley Lab

Microbes-to-Biomes (M2B) is a Berkeley Lab-wide initiative designed to reveal, decode, and harness microbes—the most abundant and diverse life form on Earth—in ways that protect our fuel and food supplies, environmental security, and personal health. It was launched in early 2015, featuring five projects funded through the LDRD program:

  1. Harnessing the Soil Microbiome for Food and Fuel Security
  2. Increasing the Availability of Phosphorus to Plants by Engineering Phosphate-Solubizing Plant-Associated Bacteria
  3. The Soil Metazoan Microbiome: A Key Functional Compartment of Importance to Plant Health and Root C Stabilization
  4. Capturing Carbon Degrading Microbes with Fluorescent Substrate Bait
  5. Microbiome Adaptation in Response to Environmental Challenges

This is a Laboratory Directed Research Development (LDRD) project.