Nuclear Energy and Waste


Used Fuel Disposition

DOE-NE-Nuclear Energy

The Used Fuel Disposition (UFD) Campaign was initiated in 2009 to support the Blue Ribbon Panel review of high-level nuclear waste policy in the United States. UFD’s mission today is to identify alternatives to Yucca Mountain, and conduct research and technology development to enable long-term storage and disposal of used nuclear fuel and wastes. One of the goals is to evaluate and improve upon the current technical bases for prospective geologic environments for high-level nuclear waste disposal (i.e., crystalline rock such as granite, claystone such as argillites or boom clay, salt). In this context, the focus our work is on (1) clay geologic environments and (2) clay backfill materials in engineered barrier systems, in particular evaluation of thermal-hydrological-mechanical-chemical coupled processes, as well as radionuclide transport processes. Our work is organized in the following areas:

Natural Systems Research
Engineered Barrier Research
System-Level Modeling
International Activities within UFD