Stripa Reports

Published 1977-1985

Stripa is the location of an old iron ore mine (in central Sweden, about 90 miles west of Stockholm) that was shut down when it approached the end of its economic life. The mining operations had revealed the presence of an extensive body of granite lying just outside the underground workings of the mine which was excavated to create an experimental drift, or tunnel, about 5 meters in diameter at a depth of 300 meters. A number of field investigations related to the general problem of underground nuclear waste isolation were conducted and were probably the first to comprehensively study flow and transport in fractured rocks at depth.

These reports are a series documenting the results of the Swedish-American cooperative research program in which the cooperating scientists explored the geological, geophysical, hydrological, geochemical, and structural effects anticipated from the use of a large crystalline rock mass as a geologic repository for nuclear waste. This program was sponsored by the Swedish Nuclear Power Utilities through the Swedish Nuclear Fuel Supply Company (SKBF), and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) through the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

The principal investigators are L.B. Nilsson and O. Degerman for SKBF, and N.G.W. Cook, P.A. Witherspoon, and J.E. Gale for LBL. Other participants will appear as authors of the individual reports.

  1. Swedish-American Cooperative Program on Radioactive Waste Storage in Mined Caverns by P.A. Witherspoon and O. Degerman. (LBL-7049, SAC-01).
  2. Large Scale Permeability Test of the Granite in the Stripa Mine and Thermal Conductivity Test by Lars Lundstrom and Haken Stille. (LBL-7052, SAC-02).
  3. The Mechanical Properties of the Stripa Granite by Graham Swan. (LBL-7074, SAC-03).
  4. Stress Measurements in the Stripa Granite by Hans Carlsson. (LBL-7078, SAC-04).
  5. Borehole Drilling and Related Activities at the Stripa Mine by P.J. Kurfurst, T. Hugo-Persson, and G. Rudolph. (LBL-7080, SAC-05).
  6. A Pilot Heater Test in the Stripa Granite by Hans Carlsson. (LBL-7086, SAC-06).
  7. An Analysis of Measured Values for the State of Stress in the Earth’s Crust by Dennis B. Jamison and Neville G.W. Cook. (LBL-7071, SAC-07).
  8. Mining Methods Used in the Underground Tunnels and Test Rooms at Stripa by B. Andersson and P.A. Halen. (LBL-7081, SAC-08).
  9. Theoretical Temperature Fields for the Stripa Heater Project by T. Chan, Neville G.W. Cook, and C.F. Tsang. (LBL-7082, SAC-09).
  10. Mechanical and Thermal Design Considerations for Radioactive Waste Repositories in Hard Rock. Part I: An Appraisal of Hard Rock for Potential Underground Repositories of Radioactive Waste by N.G.W. Cook; Part II: In Situ Heating Experiments in Hard Rock: Their Objectives and Design by N.G.W. Cook and P.A. Witherspoon. (LBL-7073, SAC-10).
  11. Full-Scale and Time-Scale Heating Experiments at Stripa: Preliminary Results by N.G.W. Cook and M. Hood. (LBL-7072, SAC-11).
  12. Geochemistry and Isotope Hydrology of Groundwaters in the Stripa Granite: Results and Preliminary Interpretation by P. Fritz, J.F. Barker, and J.E. Gale. (LBL-8285, SAC-12).
  13. Electrical Heaters for Thermo-Mechanical Tests at the Stripa Mine by R.H. Burleigh, E.P. Binnall, A.O. DuBois, D.O. Norgren, and A.R. Ortiz. (LBL-7063, SAC-13).
  14. Data Acquisition, Handling, and Display for the Heater Experiments at Stripa by Maurice B. McEvoy. (LBL-7063, SAC-14).
  15. An Approach to the Fracture Hydrology at Stripa: Preliminary Results by J.E. Gale and P.A. Witherspoon. (LBL-7079, SAC-15).
  16. Preliminary Report on Geophysical and Mechanical Borehole Measurements at Stripa by P. Nelson, B. Paulsson, R. Rachiele, L. Andersson, T. Schrauf, W. Hustrulid, O. Duran, and K.A. Magnussen. (LBL-8280, SAC-16).
  17. Observations of a Potential Size-Effect in Experimental Determination of the Hydraulic Properties of Fractures by P.A. Witherspoon, C.H. Amick, J.E. Gale, and K. Iwai. (LBL-8751, SAC-17).
  18. Rock Mass Characterization for Storage in Nuclear Waste in Granite by P.A. Witherspoon, P. Nelson, T. Doe, R. Thorpe, B. Paulsson, J.E. Gale, and C. Forster. (LBL-8750, SAC-18).
  19. Fracture Detection in Crystalline Rock Using Ultrasonic Shear Waves by K.H. Waters, S.P. Palmer, and W.F. Farrell. (LBL-7051, SAC-19).
  20. Characterization of Discontinuities in the Stripa Granite—Time Scale Heater Experiment by R. Thorpe. (LBL-7083, SAC-20).
  21. Geology and Fracture System at Stripa by A. Okliewicz, J.E. Gale, R. Thorpe, and B. Paulsson. (LBL-8907, SAC-21).
  22. Calculated Thermally Induced Displacements and Stresses for Heater Experiments at Stripa by T. Chan and N.G.W. Cook. (LBL-7061, SAC-22).
  23. Validity of Cubic Law for Fluid Flow in a Deformable Rock Fracture by P.A. Witherspoon, J. Wang, K. Iwai, and J.E. Gale. (LBL-9557, SAC-23).
  24. Determination of In-Situ Thermal Properties of Stripa Granite from Temperature Measurements in the Full-Scale Heater Experiments: Methods and Primary Results by J. Jeffry, T. Chan, N.G.W. Cook and P.A. Witherspoon. (LBL-8424, SAC-24).
  25. Instrumentation Evaluation, Calibration, and Installation for Heater Tests Simulating Nuclear Waste in Crystalline Rock, Sweden by T. Schrauf, H. Pratt, E. Simonson, W. Hustrulid, P. Nelson, A. DuBois, E. Binnall, and R. Haught. (LBL-8313, SAC-25).
  26. Part I: Some Results From a Field Investigation of Thermo-Mechanical Loading of a Rock Mass When Heater Canisters are Emplaced in the Rock by M. Hood. Part II: The Application of Field Data from Heater Experiments Conducted at Stripa, Sweden for Repository Design by M. Hood, H. Carlsson, and P.H. Nelson. (LBL-9392, SAC-26).
  27. Progress with Field Investigations at Stripa by P.A. Witherspoon, N.G.W. Cook, and J.E. Gale. (LBL-10559, SAC-27).
  28. A Laboratory Assessment of the Use of Borehole Pressure Transients to Measure the Permeability of Fractured Rock Masses by C.B. Forster and J.E. Gale. (LBL-8674, SAC-28).
  29. Thermal and Thermomechanical Data for In Situ Heater Experiments at Stripa, Sweden by T. Chan, E. Binnall, P.Nelson, O. Wan, C. Weaver, K. Ang, J. Braley, and M. McEvoy. (LBL-11477, SAC-29).
  30. The Effect of Radon Transport in Groundwater Upon Gamma Ray Borehole Logs by P.H. Nelson, R. Rachiele, and A. Smith. (LBL-11180, SAC-30).
  31. Strength and Permeability Tests on Ultra-Large Stripa Granite Core by R. Thorpe, D.J. Watkins, W.E. Ralph, R. Hsu, and S. Flexser. (LBL-11203, SAC-31).
  32. Ultrasonic and Acoustic Emission Results from the Stripa Heater Experiments. Part I: A Cross-Hole Investigation of a Rock Mass Subjected to Heating by B.N.P. Paulsson and M.S. King. Part II: Acoustic Emission Monitoring During Cool-Down of the Stripa Heater Experiment by R. Rachiele. (LBL-10975, SAC-32).
  33. Numerical Modeling to Assess Possible Influence of the Mine Openings on Far-Field In Situ Stress Measurements at Stripa by T. Chan, V. Guvanasen, and N. Littlestone. (LBL-12469, SAC-33).
  34. A Field Assessment of the Use of Borehole Pressure Transients to Measure the Permeability of Fractured Rock Masses by C.B. Forster and J.E. Gale. (LBL-11829, SAC-34).
  35. Water Inflow into Boreholes During the Stripa Experiments by P.H. Nelson, R. Rachiele, J.S. Remer and H.S. Carlsson. (LBL-12574, SAC-35).
  36. Petrology and Radiogeology of the Stripa Pluton by H. Wollenberg, S. Flexser, and L. Andersson. (LBL-11654, SAC-36).
  37. Geohydrological Data from the Macropermeability Experiment at Stripa, Sweden by C.R. Wilson, J.C.S. Long, R.M. Galbraith, K. Karasaki, H.K. Endo, A.O. DuBois, M.J. McPherson, and G. Ramqvist. (LBL-12520, SAC-37).
  38. Characterization of Discontinuities in the Stripa Granite—Full-Scale Heater Experiments by B.N.P. Paulsson, P.H. Nelson, and P.J. Kurfurst. (LBL-9063, SAC-38).
  39. Application of Borehole Geophysics at an Experimental Waste Storage Site by P.H. Nelson, K.A. Magnusson, and R. Rachiele. (LBL-11982, SAC-39).
  40. Laboratory Investigations of Thermomechanical Properties of Stripa Granite by L. Myer and R. Rachiele. (LBL-13435, SAC-40).
  41. Petrologic Changes and Damage in the Stripa Quartz Monzonite in Response to Heater Tests by S. Flexser, H. Wollenberg, and D.E. Wedge. (LBL-14929, SAC-41).
  42. Fracture Mapping in the Ventilation Drift at Stripa: Procedures and Results by A. Rouleau, J.E. Gale, and J. Baleshta. (LBL-13071, SAC-42).
  43. Thermal Analysis of the Stripa Heater Test Data from the Full Scale Drift by I. Javandel and P.A. Witherspoon. (LBL-13217, SAC-43).
  44. In Situ Stress Measurements at the Stripa Mine, Sweden by T.W. Doe, K. Ingevald, L. Strindell, B. Leijon, W. Hustrulid, E. Majer, and H. Carlsson. (LBL-15009, SAC-44).
  45. Fracture Detection in Crystalline Rock Using Ultrasonic Reflection Techniques by S.P. Palmer. (LBL-16347, SAC-45). Volume 1. Volume 2.
  46. Fracture and Hydrology Data from Field Studies at Stripa, Sweden by J.E. Gale. (LBL-13101, SAC-46).
  47. Equipment Design, Installation, and Operation for the Macropermeability Experiment at Stripa, Sweden by R.M. Galbraith, C.R. Wilson, A.O. DuBois, S.A. Lundgren, M.J. McPherson and G.W. West. (LBL-13392, SAC-47).
  48. Effects of Sample Size on the Stress Permeability Relationship for Natural Fractures by J.E. Gale and K.G. Raven. (LBL-11865, SAC-48).
  49. Progress with Hydrogeological Characterization of the Stripa Site by J.E. Gale, A. Rouleau, P.A. Witherspoon and C.R. Wilson. (LBL-14878, SAC-49).
  50. Extensometer Performance During Heater Experiments at Stripa by A.O. DuBois, M. Hood, E.P. Binnall and L. Andersson. (LBL-13531, SAC-50).
  51. Seismic Velocities and Attenuation in a Heated Underground Granitic Repository by B.N.P. Paulsson. (LBL-16346 1/2, SAC-51).Volume 1. Volume 2.
  52. Characterization of the Fracture System at Stripa with Emphasis on the Ventilation Drift by A. Rouleau and J.E. Gale. (LBL-14875, SAC-52).
  53. Performance of Borehole Deformation Gauges and Vibration Wire Stressmeters at Stripa by R. Lingle, P.H. Nelson, A. DuBois and H. Sellden. (LBL-13327, SAC-53).
  54. Assessment of Thermocouple Temperature Measurements during In-Situ Heater Experiments at Stripa, Sweden by E.P. Binnall and M.B. McEvoy. (LBL-12670, SAC-54).
Location of experimental rooms in granite rock mass at Stripa.

Location of experimental rooms in granite rock mass at Stripa.