TOUGH Symposium held at Berkeley Lab on September 30, 2015.

Image from TOUGH Symposium held at Berkeley Lab on September 30, 2015.

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TOUGH is a suite of codes developed at LBNL for numerical simulation of multi-phase, multi-component fluid flow, heat flow, transport, reactive geochemistry, and geomechanics in porous and fractured geologic media. We offer these short courses to individuals who are interested in learning how to use the codes. The courses contain both lectures and hands-on experience in building and applying numerical models for simple problems. If you are new to TOUGH, you should start with the Beginner’s Coursecurrently sold out. If you already know the basics about TOUGH, learn about adding geochemistry (TOUGHREACT Course), geochemistry and geomechanics (TREACTMECH Course), or using TOUGH in inverse mode for parameter estimation, sensitivity analysis, and more (iTOUGH2 Course). Ambitious students can take both the Beginner’s Course and one or more of the advanced courses (separate registrations are required; see schedule on registration site).

Register for courses by going to the TOUGH training website.

Learn more about the TOUGH family of codes by going to our website here.