Objectives & Approach


  • Investigate relationship between fractures (natural and induced) and stress field, rock fabric, and stimulation approach to inform EGS stimulation
  • Investigate microseismicity arising from fracturing as analog for deep basement rock induced seismicity underlying deep injection site
  • Establish SubTER field observatory


  • Drill and core five boreholes at SURF for fracture stimulation and monitoring
  • Characterize the site
    • Lithology, rock fabric, structure, hydrology
    • Stress state (local and mine-wide)
    • Existing fractures (map orientations, size, aperture, etc.)
  • Instrument the site and surroundings to monitor fracturing, seismic response, and to characterize and image the resulting fracture(s)
  • Carry out hydraulic fracturing in the borehole for stress measurement and for stimulating fractures
  • Analyze seismic, ERT, and induced seismicity data to characterize fracture(s)