The Watershed Function Project held an annual retreat on November 9th, which included over 80 team members and collaborators assembled from 14 institutions. Through fast-paced presentations and breakout sessions, and with a focus on the East River Watershed in the Upper Colorado River Basin, the team discussed new insights about how mountainous watersheds respond to perturbations (such as floods, drought and early snowmelt).  The experts also described new advances to characterize and predict the response from molecular through watershed scales, including associated downgradient  export of  water, carbon, nutrient and metals. Special guests included Frank Kugel of the Upper Gunnison Water Conservancy District as well as David Gochis and Reed Maxwell, who discussed the National Water Model and the IDEAS project.

From left to right: Tetsu Tokunaga, Baptiste Dafflon, Mohammad Denesh_Yazdi, Michelle Newcomer, Boris Faybishenko, Rosemary Carroll, Daniella Rempe

Carl Steefel, Jenny Druhan, Susan Hubbard

Lauren Foster