Source:  Dan Hawkes

Recent news articles in the Huffington Post, on KCBS-AM and KQED-FM radio, and a number of different Northern California newspapers highlight a paper just published (November 25, 2011) in Science, co-authored by ESD’s Margaret Torn, in which she and other scientists find that California’s 2050 carbon-emission-reduction goals are achievable using available technologies. Their analysis shows that meeting global warming targets would not require huge behavioral changes, like a mass conversion to veganism. Rather, these goals, while daunting, are achievable with a widespread electrification of transportation and other sectors.

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Reference:  Williams, J.H., A. DeBenedictis, R. Ghanadan, A. Mahone, J. Moore, W.R. Morrow III, S. Price, and M.S. Torn (2011), The technology path to deep greenhouse gas emissions cuts by 2050: The pivotal role of electricity. Science, published online, DOI: 10.1126/science.1208365.