Two papers published in 2017 by geophysics researchers within the Energy Geosciences Division have been honored by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. Geophysics Department Head Jonathan Ajo-Franklin was notified that the studies received Honorable Mention in the category of Best Paper in Geophysics in April.  The papers published by the society are: An effective-medium model for P-wave velocities of saturated, unconsolidated saline permafrost, co-authored with Shan Dou, Seiji Nakagawa, and Douglas Dreger, published in Volume 82, No. 3, May 2017,  and Experimental development of low-frequency shear modulus and attenuation measurements in mated rock fractures: Shear mechanics due to asperity contact area changes with normal stress, co-authored with Seth Saltiel, Paul Selvadurai, Brian P. Bonner, and Steven D. Glaser, published in Volume 82, No. 2, March 2017.