Orr & Wainwright candid photo

U.S. DOE Undersecretary, Lynn Orr with Wainwright explaining Earth systems research by National Labs. (Photo Credit: Pacific Northwest National Lab)

Organized by U.S. DOE Secretary Ernest Moniz, the latest National Lab Day was held this past September on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. to help explain the impact of science conducted within the U.S. DOE National Laboratory System to Congress. The focus of this event was “National Laboratories—Advancing US Environmental Stewardship through Innovation”.

Moniz & Wainwright post for a photo

U.S. DOE Secretary Moniz and Wainwright in a photo opportunity. (Photo Credit: Pacific Northwest National Lab)

Haruko Wainwright, scientist in the Energy Geosciences Division participated as a lead for the sub-theme, “Understanding Earth Systems,” which highlighted the National Labs’ capabilities of characterizing and modeling natural systems and of minimizing the environmental impacts of energy extraction and production. In particular, Haruko demonstrated several numerical simulation results from National Energy Research Scientific Computing (NESRC) Center, including contaminant transport with complex geochemical reactions and fracture propagation and fluid migration during hydraulic fracturing. The simulations were developed as part of ASCEM (Advanced Simulation Capability for Environmental Management) which is a software project that aims at developing next-generation, science-based reactive flow and transport simulation capabilities and supporting modeling toolsets within a high-performance computing framework to address DOE, Environmental Management’s waste storage and environmental cleanup challenges.

Attendees included Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, Under Secretary for Science and Energy Lynn Orr, Assistant Secretary, Office of Environmental Management, Dr. Monica C. Regalbuto, as well as Congressional members and staffers, other representatives from the National Lab system, and various representatives from Industry.

View all photos of the event taken by the Pacific Northwest National Lab via their flickr stream and Facebook timeline.

Congratulations to the National Labs for another successful exhibition!