In a web tutorial this coming Monday, July 16, Berkeley Lab scientists in collaboration with Project Jupyter,  UC Berkeley and Kitware, Inc., will educate participants in the California Safe Drinking Water Data Challenge about using Jupyter notebooks to map and analyze California water quality data. Jupyter is an open source tool that is widely used for developing interactive data science projects.  The tutorial will cover an introduction to Jupyter and its use for mapping and visualization. In addition, Michelle Newcomer from EESA will demonstrate a notebook analyzing the impacts to water quality from the Sonoma County wildfires, and Valerie Petela, a DOE Mickey Leland Fellow from Sacramento State, will present on using California state data to analyze impacts of oil and gas wastewater disposal. Charu Varadharajan of EESA is organizing the event with the help of Shreyas Cholia of CRD and Fernando Perez, a UC Berkeley/CRD faculty scientist.  Register here.