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Earth & Environmental Sciences Area at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s (Berkeley Lab) Earth & Environmental Sciences Area is a premier Earth sciences research organization where scientists are tackling some of the most pressing environmental and energy challenges of the 21st Century in order to enable sustainable stewardship and judicious use of the Earth’s resources. With the breadth of expertise of integrated teams offered by the Climate and Ecosystem Sciences and the Energy Geosciences Divisions, EESA’s vision is to lead the nation in solving complex environment and energy challenges.

At EESA’s virtual exhibit booth website, visitors can find information about current job and internship opportunities, take virtual tours of some of our facilities and labs, and read about current areas of research spanning a wide range of Earth science. For more information, visit our organization website

What is Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory?

Finding answers to the toughest questions

Berkeley Lab takes on the world’s most urgent challenges, from sustainable energy and advanced computing to understanding disease and curbing climate change.

Interested in visiting our campus?

Take a fly-though tour of Berkeley Lab

Tour Berkeley Lab from above in this video, which uses drone footage taken at the Lab in 2020. The video shows the historic, domed Advanced Light Source building that appears in the lab logo; the Molecular Foundry that encompasses nanoscience research; Shyh Wang Hall, which houses the National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) supercomputers; the rotating FLEXLAB building, which is a test bed for energy efficiency in buildings; and the Integrative Genomics Building, which has a focus on plant and microbial genomics research and is the newest addition to the more than 100 buildings on the Lab’s 200-acre site.

Experience our science from home

Take a virtual walk through EESA facilities

EESA benefits greatly from DOE user facilities, including the NERSC supercomputer, the Joint Genome Institute and the Advanced Light Source X-ray synchrotron at Berkeley Lab, as well as its own specialized centers, including isotope labs, rock physics labs, quantum imaging labs, atmospheric measurement labs, and the Geoscience Measurement Facility (GMF). 

Click on the map markers to take a virtual tour of selected EESA laboratories. 

Berkeley Lab Campus Map

An Introduction to the Earth & Environmental Sciences Area

Learn more about EESA Research

Explore our research topics

EESA scientists are working to discover the scientific underpinnings important for sustaining healthy soil and clean water, sequestering atmospheric carbon, using subsurface resources responsibly, and developing strategies for resilience in a changing world.

Click on a research topic to view the factsheet in a new tab.

Want to work with us?

Help us change the world

EESA offers the opportunity to pursue state-of-the-art team science in a collaborative, multidisciplinary research environment and help identify solutions for the most urgent energy and environmental challenges of our time. Contact Rasool Yousufzai, of the Human Resources team with questions about these positions.

Undergraduate, Postbaccalaureate, Graduate, and Faculty

Internship opportunities

If you are a high school, undergraduate, graduate student, or faculty LBNL offers a wide range of internships.

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