Zexuan XuA recent workshop held at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science focused on how to apply hydrologic transport data skills to real-world hydrologic problems. Zexuan Xu, an EESA postdoctoral fellow, coordinated the May event, “Critical Timescales of Hydrologic Transport.”

Zexuan is currently working as part of a team of researchers studying ecosystem changes in a research area along the East River catchment near the Upper Colorado River headwaters. The team’s studies, supported by Watershed Function SFA project, are useful for predicting how disturbances to mountainous watersheds impact the downstream delivery of water, nutrients, carbon, and metals. As BIDS-Berkeley Lab Data Science Fellow, Xu previously helped organize the California Water Data Hackathon, held last September also at BIDS.

The May workshop was part training, part networking, part hackathon, and focused on applying multiple time-series analysis techniques, hydrologic modeling, and isotope tracer approaches to understanding fundamental controls on the time scales over which water moves through watersheds to generate streamflow. Read more.