Achieving water security and resilience is one of the 21st century’s grand challenges. Earth and Environmental Sciences Area research has focused on exploring pioneering ideas and a portfolio of innovative solutions to foster water resilience and ensure water security across various regions in the face of climate change, environmental challenges, and evolving social and economic realities. This encompasses hydroclimatic and watershed modeling, the explorations of natural and green solutions, as well as engineering strategies to address water demand and supply dynamics.

An aerial view of a snowy mountain river valley, with a dramatic peak in the distance and the winding shape of a river underneath the snow A Beaver in a river, surrounded by wetland plants and beside a beaver lodge protruding form the water A headgate for an irrigation canal as seen from water level, with the circular opening to the canal reflected on the still surface of the water The massive Glen Canyon Dam as seen from downstream, spanning a wide sandstone canyon A borehole being drilled into red soil, with the shaft of a drill protruding from the hole A mountain lake sparkling green beneath a large peak covered in fall foliage